PSVR New Release: League of War: VR Arena

League of War: VR Arena

MunkyFun, a San Francisco-based indie game developer, today announces the launch of League of War: VR Arena, a new arena-based arcade wargame based on its highly successful League of War strategy game franchise. This release is only for Playstation VR platform, and has a price tag of $19.99.

“League of War: VR Arena gives players two great ways to engage in strategic, tabletop-style combat commanded by virtual generals: as a single player game in Campaign mode, and in head-to-head Arcade battles with a human opponent on the couch next to you via innovative use of the Social Screen,” said Nick Pavis, CEO and Co-founder of MunkyFun, Inc. “Player feedback has been tremendous with VR players and Social Screen players both having a great time.”

The player play this title by virtually placing and aiming units on a tabletop-style arena battlefield to lead their side to victory, by destroying the opposing army’s tower and base. There are 5 types of units in the squad: Infantry, Tanks, Recon, Chopper and Artillery, each of which occupies one of the spawn pads. Each unit requires time and energy to spawn, and of course the stronger the unit is, the more time it needs to charge up.

Single player campaign and Arcade mode round up the modes for this game. Players can play head-to-head with the PSVR headset and the Social Screen. VR players will grab a unit with a Move controller and place it on the battlefield where they want to attack the opponent, while the Social Screen player uses a DualShock®4 controller to select units that are ready to deploy, which are then automatically launched. This dynamic balances the Social Screen player’s speed against the VR player’s precise aiming via the VR interface.