Retro-futuristic spatial reasoning puzzle VR game “SUPERHYPERCUBE” is now released over Steam for HTC Vive!

Developed by Kokoromi and published by Polytron, SUPERHYPERCUBE is a puzzler where you control a cluster of cubes, rotating it as you tries to fit through the hole of the incoming wall before you advance to the next wall with new cube clusters.

Fly through endless waves of abstract geometry in the warm analog glow of virtual neon. SUPERHYPERCUBE challenges you to rotate and grow your set of cubes to fit through a stream of oncoming walls. Match shapes and increase your score as you fly through a transcendent neon world, in this immersive spatial reasoning puzzle game from Kokoromi. Use the power of VR to lean left and right to see the hole and quickly determine what rotations to make, and time your power-ups just right to stay alive as long as possible! Add your high scores to the ranks of players around the world, and become the best at SUPERHYPERCUBE.

This title was first released on the Playstation VR on the PS Store last year. Check out the launch trailer for the HTC Vive version below.