“REGEN VR” Revealed, No Platform Announced

The existence of a brand new VR game by the title of “REGEN VR” has emerged online, and it seems this is yet another VR title that we may have to keep an eye on. Here’s the background story of this mysterious game.

REGEN VR is a title that is set in the year 2047, where nuclear radiation has devastated Earth and swept away everything it picked up. On the bright side, this catastrophe was expected, and humanity has prepared for these by constructing remote robots and stashed these robots underground in the security base. Humans themselves escaped to the outer space, since it was the only way for them to survive, albeit they have to live the rest of their lives in isolation chambers.

A look at the robots

All of these space-dwelling humans are assigned their own robots which they has buried beneath the ground of Earth, prior their escape. These robots are remotely controlled via a VR system, allowing the humans to control them from space. This was the only way to collect enough resources to survive in outer space.

The developer behind the title didn’t reveal the gameplay of the title, but the background of the web site for the game suggest that this involves robots fighting each other with guns, in a setting where everything has gone to waste. I know as much as you do at this point of time, but I guess its safe to assume this is going to be an action shooter title, probably with mult-player elements. The web site simply suggest that we will learn more about the game ‘soon’. At the moment, no platform for this title has been announced. Meanwhile, check out the renders that I have uncovered for this title.

The render below shows a rather menacing robot from the game. It is unknown what role this robot is playing.

Model JK-7350

Here’s a render of another robot, this time posing with a sniper rifle weapon.

Model A2055 posing with a sniper rifle

Here’s a look at the sniper rifle that A2055 is carrying.

That’s all I have for this title. When there’s an update I’ll report back as soon as possible.