“The Invisible Hours” Video (Flora White)

Tequila Works has been uploading videos on a frequently basis for “The Invisible Hours”, a VR narrative adventure title that they have released across HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Playstation VR.

Released on Steam PS Store and Oculus Store last month, this title is in fact, not exactly a game, as you have minimal to no interaction with whatever you see. The Invisible Hours VR tells a very charming story that stars a great set of characters, but what is so cool about it is that you get to see the whole plot unfold in front of your eyes, from whenever you want, in literally every angle. Think of yourself as an invisible ghost in this title, you can’t be seen by the characters, and you can’t do anything that influences the background. You can however, check out vital items like documents to learn more about the character. You can also manipulate time, allowing you to rewind, fast forward, pause and of course allow the title to play out normally. If you missed something that just happened, simply set yourself in the position you way, then rewind the scene.

The Invisible Hours VR features a murder mystery story written by Rob Yescombe , and the plot surrounds 8 individuals. In this title, Nikola Tesla, the famed inventor, has been murdered in his mansion on an isolated island. While he was still breathing, Nikola Tesla is also a flamboyant socialite, but has shut himself in his workshop, turning into a recluse several months before he died. The rest of the characters serve as the suspects for this title: a blind butler, as well as 6 guests (each with their own story and secrets) that Nikola Tesla has invited.

Today the developer uploaded a youtube feature, that place focus on one of the characters. Flora White is very close to the victim, serving as his need until he decided to fire her one day under an unknown circumstances. Katherine Carlton plays the role of this character in The Invisible Hours.

Enjoy this new video, as the people behind the title introduce the character.