“Gunship Battle 2 VR: Steam Edition” Coming to Steam on 15th Nov, Steam Page Up, Trailer

Korean developer Joycity previously announced that they are bringing the remastered version of their mobile VR title “Gunship Battle 2 VR” to Steam. I have just discovered that the Steam Page for this title has went live with the actual title. It will be releasing on 15th Nov.

The game is now known as “Gunship Battle 2 VR: Steam Edition”, probably used to differentiate from the mobile VR version. Gunship Battle 2 VR is the sequel to “Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D Action” (Google Playstore) and “Gunship Battle Second War” (Google Playstore), which interesting are both non-VR mobile games. Gunship Battle 2 VR was released as a mobile VR title, for Samsung Gear VR (Oculus Store) and Google Daydream (Google Playstore).

Take control of the most advanced gunship cockpit on the planet! Complete with episodic story, VR cut scenes and immersive gameplay, this game is not just another VR experience, but a full-fledged game. Indulge yourself in this action packed journey now!

According to the developer, the visual aspect for the game has been enhanced, including upgrades like physically based rendering, active environment (for crew and strike) in the lobby scene, and post effects (such as bloom and LUT).

The new steam page also revealed what platform it will be supporting: the game will be coming to both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with gamepad support. It was announced for Playstation VR last year by Sony Interactive Korea too, but we didn’t get any news since then. I will provide update when the developer share more information.

Here’s a trailer for this title.