“Reboant Rise of the Nuhort VR” Coming to HTC Vive via Steam This Month

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that Reboant Rise of the Nuhort VR has its Steam Page up, along with some new screenshots. It turns out that the page has recently been updated, and now it suggest that the game is coming somewhere later this month.

This action shooter title was announced by HTC back in late July at ChinaJoy. Developed by a development studio Shanghai DarkLord Networking Technology Corp LTD, HTC said that Viveport will be a platform that will play host to this title, but it is apparent now that Steam will be hosting it too.

Reboant is a sci-fi FPS game set in a futuristic world. This is a story about the origin of civilization on Earth. At some point in the future, Earth’s past, present, and future are caught in a conflict between races that have been repeatedly reincarnated and the civilizations they have created. A special task force of dubious characters lands on a remote planet – Nuhort. The new chapter begins.

Wu serves in the Intergalactic Expeditionary Force of the Earth Alliance. He is a skilled and courageous warrior, but often finds himself wondering where he came from and where he is going. As Wu, the player will join the special task force and involve into the crossfire among different scheming races. Through battles and adventures the player will discover his true life story as well as the concealed civilization originations behind the schemes.