“Nano Shift” Exits Final Release, Now a Full Fledged Release!

Players of Nano Shift may have noticed something recently: the game has just removed its Early Access tag on Steam, because the title is now a full fledged release!

Entering this huge milestone calls for a celebration , and the game is now enjoying a 20% discount on Steam. If this title is unfamiliar to you, Nano Shift is a VR puzzle mystery/escape room game. “Set slightly in the future during the strugg14 against an invasive Nano Virus that has reduced a large part of the earth’s surface to an uninhabitable wasteland.

Nano Shift will take you on a search through time for traces of who or what released the Nano Virus that wiped out 80% of the Earth’s population. The Harvest as they sometimes called it.”

You play as volunteer #137, and your story commences in a gritty underground compound, just prior your duty. Your journey will take you more than half a century in the past, to when human can still walk on the surface. Your task is to see through the deception, and solve the mystery behind Nano Shift.

Nano Shift is chapter based, and you will be navigating through houses, prisons and through time,as you piece together clues of who releases the virus.

Nano Shift is a game developed by Egg Roll Digital Studios, and feature support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. This is a room scale title, and you are recommended to have a minimum room measurement of 2.8m x 2.8m, though it seems you can teleport around too. This game also features a floor height adjustment setting to suit people of different heights.

If you are in the mood for some non-action VR puzzle game, do check out this game while it is still going for cheap on Steam.

Here’s a trailer for this title.