“Waltz of the Wizard” Gets Additional Locomotion Options & Telepath Improvement

Waltz of the Wizard is a free, VR introductory app on Steam that serves as a great showpiece to VR virgins on the PC. It demostrate the potential of VR, letting users to cast spells and interactive with objects and the game world in many interesting ways.

In this app you take on the role of a wizard, and you get to explore the wizard tower, and you can conjure various types of spells in this VR app. But that’s not what this article is about here.

Waltz of the Wizard has been updated by its developer Aldin Dynamics very recently, this time adding additional locomotions. This latest update follows the previous Halloween update.

According to the announcement on Steam, this update adds additional locomotion options (smooth and teleport). The developer is added in to let people compare it to the other systems, but they are hoping to remove it in the future, as it dramatically affect things like “level design, character AI and user experience”. Here’s what the developer means. Notice how the user teleport around the room to get away from the enemy easier.

Telepath has also been improved, according to them. This system sees minor adjustments, and they hope it will help reduce simulation sickness.

Telepath shows potential to enable a greater number of people to play games designed for linear locomotion. Thereby enabling developers to focus more on linear content designs, instead of wasting their time watering down and altering content to accomodate teleporting.

The title features 3 types of locomotion options after the update: Telepath, Smooth Movement or Teleport. To find out more, check out the announcement here, or just let the app update on Steam and then wear your HTC Vive / Oculus Rift to try them out now.