“Hidden Fortune: Unexplored” Coming to Vive Focus in 2018

Yesterday at Vive Developer Conference 2017, help in China Beijing, HTC pulled off the veil (not literally) and revealed to us the first look at their upcoming standalone VR headset: Vive Focus.

Hidden Fortune: Unexplored was also announced yesterday, serving as a demo for Vive Focus. Archiact VR Games announced that they are going to release this title next year on the Vive Focus in 2018.

Hidden Fortune: Unexplored will serves as the remaster version of Hidden Fortune, a VR game for Google Daydream platform. This will be the best version of Hidden Fortune yet, according to the developer.

For the first time, the virtual treasure hunt of Hidden Fortune will be experienced in fully immersive, beautifully-realized room-scale. Hidden Fortune: Unexplored transforms the nooks and crannies of Outcast Cove into walkable spaces to be discovered up-close. Move freely in all three dimensions and wield the mystical Wand to gather hidden objects, beat tricky challenges, and uncover a forgotten story.

Thanks to the room scale capability of Vive Focus, the lush fantasy-scapes of this title can be explored freely.

Players will also be able to cast spells to search the surround, solve clever puzzles, snag treasures that are just out of reach, using the wand of Vive Focus. This screenshot showcase some of the in-game virtual wands.

The remastered version of the game will have you peek under tables or reach up high or tip-toe to search ever nook and cranny now, thanks to positional tracking feature.

Hidden Fortune: Uneplored will be arriving on HTC Vive Focus in 2018.