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New “Seeking Dawn” VR Details #3

Seeking Dawn VR is no doubt the biggest original VR that is coming to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (Playstation VR supposingly not confirmed yet) in the future. Multiverse Entertainment has been drumming up the hype, releasing new information frequently and keep its fans updated about the development. Here are just some of the new updates of this title that the developer has shared over the recent times.

To make a quick recap, Seeking Dawn is a multi-platform, Survival Action RPG/FPS VR videogame, with various features including crafting, cooking, as well as base building. Seeking Dawn consist of a campaign/story mode, that can be played in both co-op or solo. Multiverse Entertainment also claimed that the campaign is bigger than Farpoint and Arizona Sunshine, combined, with multiple hours of gameplay.

I have previously written 2 articles, and here’s one which further recap the news released since then. You can check them out here and here.

There are actually a lot more screenshots and finer information than what will be presented here, so I will suggest you to head over to its facebook, discord etc to join in the fans community and the developers to discuss about the game.

Lets start the article with these 2 pictures of a level, an exotic looking area with fauna. As this title features resources gathering, do expect this area to have lots of mining places for gatherers.

There’s also a new snowy terrain area. “Everything the light touches, can be walked towards and explored”, says Multiverse Entertainment. That includes high-to-reach places. I guess we might have to exercise caution if we set foot on places like this.


Seeking Dawn features a rather mysterious, planet-like object known as the “Dawn Seeker”. I have no idea what this is, but it seems very important.

We also learnt of a new faction named RCS, as well as their space ship “Condor”. Here’s a concept art of the space ship.

Here’s a look at the transport ship that is said to belong to the “First Centauri Republic Faction”.

New concept art of an alien race called the “K-erhalen”.

The K’erhalen Savage is the name given to those who have undergone the Rite of Talons and been judged worthy of fighting on behalf of their tribe. Along with the dagger that they must carry on them at all times, they are permitted to wield up to two additional weapons of their choosing.

Aside from having excellent individual memories, K’erhalen societies are knit tightly enough that there are no official symbols of rank; each combatant’s place in the heirarchy is known simply by identifying them.

For non-K’erhalen, recognizing specific individuals is helped by observing the scars they bear, including those on their exoskeletons: though they sporadically shed and replace old bony structures across their lifetimes, deep wounds continue to leave their trace even on freshly grown segments. Such battle scars, unsurprisingly, are a mark of prestige, with veterans sporting dozens of gouges with honor.

Take a look at another alien that will be appearing in this title.

Not all will be humanoid though. There are different types of Ferals too.

There are two insect-like Ferals that we’ve introduced. Both do very different things.

First you have the Vespid which will be the common Feral you will see in the earlier stages of the game.

Then you have the Culicid, that come in swarms due to the saliva that they spew at you, as it attracts other Culicid to the area (more details and imagery to show soon!)

And here’s a weird looking creature known as “Accoro”.

An apex predator in its natural habitat, the Accoro is a fearsome creature easily identified by its long tentacles, each of which is studded with hard cartilegenous protrusions.

Although it has the strength to drag itself forward (most commonly observed when climbing up rocky inclines), it prefers to use these to slither across the ground, which both saves energy and helps it keep a low profile when stalking prey. Upon finding an appropriate spot, the Accoro may lie in wait, patiently biding its time for hours at a time until an unwary creature comes within range of its flailing limbs.

Its means of reproduction is to split off one or more of its tentacles with part of its central body attached. This occurs when it is near death, with each one becoming fully autonomous and eventually budding into a new Accoro.

Multiverse Entertainment said that there will also be various bosses to fight too. Goanna will be one of the bosses that you will be confronting in the game.

This picture reveals the concept art of a character, a combat medic and a survivalist known as “Giles Thane”. Its unknown what role that this character will play.

The developer also shared a look at Sarissa recently, a sniper energy rifle for far range attack.

Though initial prototypes were prone to overheating, the Sarissa energy rifle managed to deliver what was promised – a penetrating beam that could bore straight through personal armor, with a theoretical maximum firing distance in excess of 4 km.

Warriors were so pleased with the results that the decision was made to continue tweaking the original model instead of replacing it with newer designs.

Its proliferation also changed the way warfare was conducted, as individual fighters now had the range to threaten targets previously thought to be a safe distance away from the frontlines.

Remember that I said this game features cooking element too? Well, here’s a look at the stove that will be available for you to do the job, and the meals that you will be creating.

That’s all that I can share, out of the numerous new information from the developer.  Join the facebook group if you want to receive regular new updates for this title. Currently there is also an Ambassador Program, designed to give the community an opportunity to win various exclusives, such as in-game cosmetics, physical memorabilia and more. Currently there is no release date nor price point at the moment.