“REC Room” Open Beta Commencing Nov 21st for PSVR

Social VR app “REC Room” will be available on the Playstation Store for Playstation VR owners, according to Against Gravity, the developer. The open beta will goes live for North America, South America and EU regions on November 21st.

First released on Steam mid last year, REC Room is a virtual reality social club, where you can play active games with other VR gamers around the world.You can customize your appearance, pary up to play multiplayer games in the title,or even engage in co-op adventures. REC Room supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam.

Going by the blog post on PS Blog, you can expect basically the same things: disc golf, charades and other familiar games are included too. The developer also shared a piece of concept art for a quest that are currently work in progress: a pirate themed quest that will go live sometime in early 2018.

REC Room is currently free on all platforms. If you have a high end VR, do spend some time trying this title out.