“A Township Tale” Dev Blog Update (Deeper in the Caves, Battling Other Players in VR)

2 new blog entries has been added since my last update for Real Alto’s upcoming social VR app: A Township Tale, and here’s an article to go through what has been talked about.

This is an online open world sandbox title from Real Alta, which revolves around a village that’s populated and maintained by VR users. Each users has a role to play with each other to maintain the village. For example, you can be the farmer who put food on the table, or the blacksmitch, constructing various weapons out of metal resources, Miner who will goes out to explore the land beyond the village for resources, and warriors who will protect the village from any dangers. Currently there is no release date yet for this VR title.

Deeper in the Caves (Painting Timelapse)

Lets start with the entry last week, where the developer talks about cave exploration. In the cavern of A Township Tale, the developer adds a fantasy aspect to the real life cavern exploring. You will encounter various strange, long forgotten fauna and flora, unfamiliar plants growing off the sediment in the rocks, unknown pool of organic material and minerals of unique shapes and more.

Deeper in the caves, you will ‘come across a much darker themed cave system’. The developer says that the walls you see will be lined with growths, pale plants that rear its head between the cave’s cracks. It seems you can mine those plants for crafting purpose later. There are also toxic goo pits that you will have to avoid too, and who know what creatures lurk deep inside.

There’s an ecosystem at work here that can’t be found anywhere else. Like exploring an alien planet, the caves this deep emanate a strange hue of light. If you could breathe the air, you’d feel conscious about the specks floating in front of you.

These caves are just one of the various locations that you will get to explore in the title for resources and loots, as well as boss of the region for legendary drop item.

Battling Other Players in VR

According to the latest blog entry, players are also able to participate in PvP fights too. You can engage in sword fight against other VR player, and according to the developer, VR will remove the hurdle of control limit that prevent video games from capturing the same energy that films portray their fight scenes. Unlike traditional flat screen game, where fight tend to be limited by the buttons, players can execute sword attack in any way, angle and speed they way.

In A Township Tale, we are constantly trying to make every process as physical as possible and the sword fighting is no exception. VR completely shatters the input limitations and gives the player the freedom to wield their weapon in every fashion, on top of this you can block in any way you could in a real sword fight. Imagine fights where you twist your body around your opponents stab to whirl around and slash their shoulder. Imagine raising your scimitar in the last moment to parry a heavy two handed broadsword and quickly pulling out a dagger, finishing your attacker with a swift stab to the side.

The developer suggest to get creative, and use your surroundings to your advantage of these PvP fight. Unlike fighting off AI creatures in this game, engaging battle with fellow human players can be unpredictable. You will never know what move they will pull.

The video suggest that you will be fighting with shield and sword, but I have no idea if you can craft your own weapon for the battle.

I will be back again if there’s yet another new entry. To learn more about the game, you can check out their official site here. For past articles that I have written for their previous entries, check out the following:

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