Steam New Release: Elemental Combat

I have been covering Elemental Combat for a while now, and after so many months of wait, its rather great to see that this title has finally landed on Steam as early access today!

This game is set in a world of fantasy and martial arts. Developed by ARVLON VR Sudio, Elemental Combat is a competitive VR title that blends the speed and intensity of a modern FPS with strategy of classic arcade fighting games.

The game revolves around the use of 4 elemental types of skills: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each element works effective/weak against the next:

  • Air is strong against Earth but weak against Fire
  • Fire is strong against Air but weak against Water
  • Water is strong against Fire but weak against Earth
  • Earth is strong against Water but weak against Air

There are also special moves which you can execute too. Unleash more powerful abilities and hidden techniques, as you deliver devastating attacks and raise impenetrable defenses.

Elemental Combat features a PvP multi-player, as well as Single-player training campaign where you fight against increasingly challenging opponents in the Elemental Tournament in Xiangbala.

The game boast a deep lore as well, and the developer has written a story behind the game that you can read here.

The game is released now with a 10% promotional price, and support both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam.