“Be The Hero VR” Tokyo Game Show Video, 24 Nov Steam Launch

At Tokyo Game Show 2017 this year, an indie VR game by the title of “Be The Hero” was introduced and available for demo play to the general audience. Be The Hero is a “VR Comic Hero Action Game” developed by EXPVR Inc. I wrote up an article for this title, which you can view here.

This game is a single player focused title, and I have just learnt that it is set for release a couple of days from now on Steam for HTC Vive (it was previously reported that it will come to Oculus Rift too, so perhaps the Oculus Rift release is delayed) as early access. In this title,the player assume the role of a hero and fight against enemies. According to the developer, the game contains an important story experience in the form of VR manga, in order to get the VR users to empathize with the characters.

During Tokyo Game Show, EXPVR Inc teamed up with two other companies, MyDearest Inc and mikai Inc for a cross promotion, as they were all selected for the third incubation program of Tokyo VR Startups. They have today released the following video, which was recorded at Tokyo Game Show.

“BE THE HERO” brings you a movement experience beyond the reality. You will become a ninja and run through buildings at ultra high speed and run across the walls. You can also use the sword to move three-dimensionally.
Our mission is to achieve the freedom beyond the reality in the VR space.
We have developed and implemented number of new movement systems which have been never seen in the other VR games.
Play this game and BE THE HERO in the unlimit freedom.

According to the steam page, there will be multiple playable characters, but only 1 will be playable at launch (the Ninja hero “KUROGANE”) as early access. In addition, there will be 2 episodes of VR Comic, 1 stage of Action Stage that will provide a game time of about 1 to 2 hours.

More contents will be added during the early access phase, which should have extend the gameplay length. There will be more playable heroes, more stories, free adventure mode with sub stories, trophies and collectible items.

Here’s the plot provided by the developer:

Since the day the sky cracked, the world and everything in my life have changed.

One day, unknown enemies appear from the cracking sky all over the world and start attacking human beings.
People have no way to fight against them. When people have fallen in despair, humans with super power suddenly appear.
Their appearances are just like the characters from comics that everyone used to dreamed of.
As they protect people from enemies, people begin to call them “heroes.”

How did they become heroes? Why are they called heroes?
Play this game and BE THE HERO.

HTC Vive owners will be able to purchase this title as early access on 24 November 2017. Here’s a trailer for the game.

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