“Abduction Prologue: The Story Of Jonathan Blake” Coming to Steam

Nearly a year ago, I discovered a survival horror VR game in production by the title of “Abduction Episode 1: Her Name was Sarah“. This is a VR game under production by a studio called Red Iron Labs.

The title was on indiegogo back then, seeking funding of $50k, but unfortunately failed to raise the money. In addition, despite originally scheduled for release mid this year, the game wasn’t released. In short, we haven’t got anything since the indiegogo ended.

If you haven’t figure it out yet, Abduction is an episodic-based, survival horror VR series, and revolves around stories of people who are getting kidnapped by horrifying looking aliens. Each episode/chapter features a different playable protagonist, and your goal is to reach the end of the game, while avoiding the aliens that are looking to catch you.

Abduction features 2 alien races, which seems to be on opposing end of each other.

As you play through the story, you will learn that humanity was not the only species to fall under attack of the Humanoids and to build up a resistance.  There is a far more sinister race of beings, existing solely for revenge.

These Reptilian creatures are hunters by nature, and extremely violent.  Their main purpose is to cause death and destruction of Humanoids.

Today marks the day where we get some new news about this title: Abduction is still alive. The developer is going to release the prologue chapter of Abduction, “Abduction Prologue: The Story of Jonathan Blake” on Steam for free next month, with support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Abduction Chapter 1: Her Name Was Sarah, is now delayed into an unknown date, and will carry a price tag of $19.99 when it launch.

Abduction Prologue: The Story of Jonathan Blake

Abduction Prologue: The Story of Jonathan Blake serves as the origin story of Abduction. You play as Jonathan Blake, and your objective is to navigate your apartment while avoiding the aliens. To find out more about the title, visit this site. Abduction Prologue: The Story of Jonathan Blake will be releasing on Steam in December for free.

Abduction Chapter 1: Her Name Was Sarah

While Jonathan Blake’s story serves as a prelude, this is the where the real story starts. In Abduction Chapter 1: Her Name Was Sarah, you play as Sarah, who finds out she has been getting abducted at night by evil creatures. Over the course of Chapter 1, you soon learnt that you have become immune to the aliens’ mind-wiping ability. Chapter 1 also provides progression to the story based on the foundation laid by the prologue: you will collect information from “the conspirator” that will help you learn what’s happening and will help you stay alive. No Steam Page yet for this title, but we know that it will cost $19.99.

If you are interested to learn more, I will suggest heading over to its Indiegogo page, as well as the Abduction web page to find out more. Abduction Prologue is going to support HTC Vive and Oculus Rift when it launch.

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