PSVR (Japan) New Release: “Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy”, PSVR Launch Trailer

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, a VR spinoff title of Square Enix‘s Final Fantasy XV , is set to be releasing today in Japan, exclusively for Playstation VR. The developer has today shared a launch trailer for the title.

In this software, player can enjoy full fledged fishing, as well as challenging the creatures that are lurking under the water, all in the world of Final Fantasy XV.

Player creates an avatar and become the ‘hunter’ in the world. In the game, player can interact with the various Final Fantasy XV characters while engaging in those activities.

Over 100 types of fish will be available for fishing in this title. You can also purchase fishing tools such as rods, reels, lures, or lines and customize them. Competitive elements are also included, allowing players nationwide in Japan to compete the prey size at various conventions, that will be held on a regular basis.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy is releasing in digital download format, and Square Enix is asking for a price of 3979 yen (tax not included).

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