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“A Township Tale” Dev Blog Update (A Township Tale The Game)

The developer blog for Township Tale has been update, as Real Alta gives us yet another deeper look into the background development of the upcoming social VR title for PC.

This is an online open world sandbox title from Real Alta, which revolves around a village that’s populated and maintained by VR users. Each users has a role to play with each other to maintain the village. For example, you can be the farmer who put food on the table, or the blacksmitch, constructing various weapons out of metal resources, Miner who will goes out to explore the land beyond the village for resources, and warriors who will protect the village from any dangers. Currently there is no release date yet for this VR title.

A Township Tale The Game

In this entry, the developer tell us about what drives us as a player in this title.

In this title, player can choose to go for that ‘peaceful experience’. The guy who spend his time residing in the town, making sure everything is in working order and essentially the backbone of the village. If you are one of such players, you will find yourself collaborating with others to repair and strengthen the town, repairing bridges, building the houses’ infrastructure and more.

If you are seeking thrilling actions and exploration, you can embark for that ‘adventure experience’ instead. Bond together with your fellow adventurers, and venture deep into the forest or mining ores to gather resources for the building construction of the village, or crafting materials to get the villagers back in the village to craft better items. The further you go, the harder the game will be. There wil be enemies, as well as bosses battle, so you will want to take heed if you want to take actions into your own hand.

Of course you are not strictly limited to one of them.

We crossover the mechanics we consider peaceful and the ones we consider more adventurous so that objectives can overlap and can solve problems however you want. The town acts as a hub where you may seek answers to your problems as an adventurer, and as a peaceful player you could make it your sole objective to have the answers to their problems.

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I will be back again if there’s yet another new entry. To learn more about the game, you can check out their official site here. For past articles that I have written for their previous entries, check out the following: