“Echo Arena” VR Kronos Patch Preview

Ready at Dawn‘s Echo Arena for Oculus Rift is getting its biggest update since launch, according to announcement. The update will be pushed out today on 10.30am PT time.

Titled “Kronos Update”, it combines a number of major feature additions, balance updates, and more based on the feedback.

Players can now become a Spectator in public and private matches. Public matches support up to 4 Spectator players (10 players total in a match), while private matches allow a maximum of 13 players in the Spectator role (in case you’d like to watch a 1-on-1), with a max of 15 players in a private match. The Spectator role provides a unique viewing experience that captures all the action from various different angles including point-of-view, 3rd-person-follow, and disc-follow.

Spectators can choose to observe the match in VR via VR headset, or in 2D on a monitor. F1 key will list the hotkeys which make it easy to jump from player to player.

Matchmaking has been improved too. Players should no longer find themselves in 2v3 or 1v3 matches. If, for some reason, the match becomes imbalanced after a player quits a single player will be added to the match to re-balance the teams. Otherwise, late join players will always join in pairs. In addition, matches will start faster than ever now.

The update also adds new lobby screens and new barrier display too. The arena barrier now display information, such as who assist/score the goal, speed of the goal and more.

There are also various changes to private matches, such as the increase of the party sizes, Practice Mode, team swapping on the fly, along with minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Check out the link here to find out more details. Echo Arena can be obtained on the Oculus Store now. It features native support for the Oculus Rift.