Steam New Release: Attack of the Bugs

Elevator… To The Moon! isn’t the only Oculus title that sees a Steam release today. Attack of the Bugs, another Oculus-exclusive, is now a former-Oculus-exclusive title now with the release on Steam too! The game is currently on a 35% launch discount, and you can also obtain the game on Gear VR (Oculus Store) and Oculus Rift (Oculus Store) too.

Empty Clip Studios‘s Attack of the Bugs is a strategy/action/shooter with some mix of humor and scream. In this game, your objective is to use your attack troopers to conquer the Evil Bug Queen before she traps you in a never-ending B-movie nightmare.

To play this title, you will have to deploy your attack troops and defensive units, and get these people to engage the enemy directly with multiple weapon types, while you back them up yourself by attacking them with your weapons. These attack troops will attack the bugs automatically, so deploy them strategically. In addition, you can also craft super-weapons to gain the upper hand too. There are various bug types, so you will have to find the best strategy to take them down.

I am not sure about you, but this title seems rather interesting to me. I’m going to just purchase this title while it is on 35% off right now.