“VR Rhythm Action Seiya” Coming to Steam in Early 2018

WANDV.INC is set to bring VR Rhythm Action SEIYA (Seiya VR for short here) to Steam early next year. This is a Japanese rhythm based title that will support both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift when it launch. Take note though, the title contains Japanese music, so you are advised to check out the trailer to see if the title fits your taste.

Let’s play melodies by punching the lyrics and stars that come flying to you in accordance with the music!

Unlike the music game where you simply keep the rhythms, VR Rhythm Action SEIYA is the VR music game where you can actually play the melody,
When you punch the star-like objects that come flying to you from the screen, you will hear instrumental music. When you punch the objects for the lyrics, you will hear a song.
You will be able to play the melody with the sensation of exercising, because the intensity of your punches determines the speed of the score.

Seiya VR will feature 25 music pieces in the band-sound genre, from the EDM pieces that used Vocaloid. The title will be set in a live performance stage with stage lighting included, immersing you into a music stage experience. Apparently unlike other rhythm VR title, this is not a music game where you beat out the rhythms: it is a music game where you play a melody with your hands.

If this title interest you, head over to the Steam Page to add the title to your wishlist now.