“Virtual Reality Girls” Pulled from Steam

On November 25th, ErosVR released a VR title “Virtual Reality Girls” on Steam. This title allows you to watch girls dance in VR space in whatever outfit you choose, including removal of all clothes. This title has just been  removed, right after 3 days after multiple complains.

The developer ErosVR isn’t really happy about it.

“We do not agree with this because there are only dancing girls in this game.You can chose outfit for the girl or let her be naked but nothing more. There isn’t any sexual activities.” 

While there is no explicit sexual activity, many are upset by the nudity aspect of the title that they get Valve to removed it.

If you missed the title, here’s a trailer. Before you watch it, I’ll like to warn you that the trailer is NSFW at all,  although the sensitive parts are censored with mosaic.

ErosVR is himself a VR porn enthusiast, having written 270+ articles at VRPorn (NSFW) site according to his twitter (NSFW).