Windows MR New Release: Danger Goat

nDreams has just brought their VR puzzle platformer Danger Goat over to the Windows Mixed Reality range of headsets! If you are looking for something to buy, do consider getting this title on the Windows Store now.

For those not versed in the crazy antics of Danger Goat, the game tasks you with helping lure Danger Goat to safety, using the delicious trail of thistles, through a warren of deadly, udderly ridiculous traps, including shrink rays, missiles and tesla coils.

Danger Goat on Windows MR headsets feature 28 colorful levels. You will transverse across terrains like wild forest, snowy mountain and sunny pastures, all to return him to space where he belongs. You will be using your motion control to manipulate the world, knock down monoliths, sabotage traps, create new paths to guide, slide and catapult danger goat to safety.

This title is also available on Google Daydream too, which mean this release marks the first time that this title has appeared on a high end VR. Hopefully we will see even more titles getting ported to more headsets.