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The New Studio Name Behind “Accounting” VR Game (Justin Roiland/Tanya Watson) Is Squanch Games

One half of the 2 studios behind VR simulation title “Accounting” (the one that is not Crows Crows Crows) has undergo a change of name. The studio (founded by both Justin Roiland and Tanya Watson) is now known as its new name “Squanch Games“, shedding its old name “Squanchtendo.

Here’s a re-introduction of the studio.

Why the name change? Squanch Games explains that the move is to avoid confusion with another “video game related company with a similar name to their former name”.

We recently discovered a video game related company with a similar name to our former name. We never could have predicted the discovery of a video game entity with such a similar name. What a surprise to us. We were shocked and surprised. So we decided in order to avoid confusion we are changing the back half of our name! We are now Squanch Games! Hooray! Also it’s National Microwave Oven Day! Did you know that? Go celebrate!

If you haven’t heard of, or try Accounting VR (free on Steam for HTC Vive) yet, make some play space, put on your HTC Vive and give it a go to see what this studio is capable of making!