“X Rebirth VR Edition” Out of Early Access, Free X Games This Weekend & More

Here’s a good news today; X Rebirth VR Edition from Egosoft has today graduated from Early Access, and the game is now a full fledged release on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift!

X Rebirth VR Edition is is the latest game in the X series, and is based on X Rebirth: Home of Light. It is set in “The X Universe” an place which is still recovers from its cataclysmic disaster. Threats are still aplenty across the Jump Gate Network, but the people are beginning to find their way. Ren Otani now sets about rebuilding his beloved ship, after having recovered the Albion Skunk from the pirates, and he now intends to use his ship in the never-ending search for opportunity and adventure…

  • Explore a huge universe through a series of Jump Gates and highways
  • Build your own ships and space stations
  • Experience a fully simulated economy
  • Create an armada to fight your enemies
  • Take on a large variety of missions
  • Switch between 3D and 2D mode on the fly

Ok, back to the topic. The update that marks the game shifting into full fledged release, come a number of new features for XR VR, including improved HOTAS and Joystick support and a method to play in VR with mouse and keyboard.

To celebrate the milestone, all X games in the series will be rendered free to play this weekend on Steam!

The game is currently on a 20% off. If you own X Rebirth, you can purchase this title with a further 30% off at a cheaper price tag, which means a total of 50% off!

Check out the link here for the announcement, and here for the patch details.

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