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ErosVR Return With “Virtual Reality Girls 2”, Steam Release on 23rd December

About more than a week ago I reported that ErosVR‘s VR title “Virtual Reality Girls” got pulled from Steam right after it went on sales for just 3 days, due to complains. Virtual Reality Girls allows you to “watch girls dance in VR space in whatever outfit you choose, including removal of all clothes”, and I guess people were upset about the ability to render the girls nude.

Right after the removal, the developer releases a statement, stating that they ““do not agree with this because there are only dancing girls in this game.You can chose outfit for the girl or let her be naked but nothing more. There isn’t any sexual activities.”.

Well, it seems the removal of that title isn’t going to stop him, as a Steam Page for “Virtual Reality Girls 2” has surfaced, with ErosVR listed as its developer! It seems the sequel has toned down the sexual aspect; This time, the focus has shifted from a passionate and sensual private dance show performed by hot girl, to an ‘experience which will let you feel like real millionaire, delighted fast car and living inside amazing apartment. All this with company of the beautiful girls‘. No trailer, but the screenshots seems to place slightly more focus on the background, and no words if it is still possible to make the girls appear nude.

The title is set to be releasing on 23rd December 2017 for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, going by the details on the Steam Page.