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“Sprint Vector” Animated Trailer

Now that Raw Data has been more or less finished, it seems Survios is ready to move on to its next VR project: Sprint Vector. Today, the studio has just released an animated trailer for this upcoming new game.

Sprint Vector will be releasing on Steam for Vive/Rift, and PS Store for PSVR in Q1 2018.

Every season, millions anxiously await the next season of SPRINT VECTOR, the galaxy’s most popular game show created and directed by the media-consumption mastermind Mr. Entertainment. But his contestant audition process is…interesting, to say the least. Who among these “carefully selected” individuals will be this season’s newest star?!

SPRINT VECTOR is a hyperactive, space-punk adrenaline platformer that’s the ultimate competitive Active VR experience. Race against your friends across interdimensional obstacle courses that’ll have you running, climbing, leaping, and flying at superhuman speeds using an all-new Fluid Locomotion system.

If you are interested in the actual gameplay, here’s a gameplay video released by Survios many months back.