Steam New Release: Emily Wants to Play Too

Indie developer Shawn Hitchcock has just released Emily Wants to Play Too on Steam! This survival horror game serves as a sequel to Emily Wants to Play (Steam), which features VR support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The first title was one of the earlier VR horror title, and now this sequel is no different. The Steam page doesn’t indicate any VR support, but the developer gives an affirmative in the Steam Community forum for the title, that you can get the game working in VR, but it is not supported right now. Hopefully this means native VR support will be integrated at a later time.

Here’s the official description for the game.

It’s about 7pm on Friday and you are headed to your next delivery destination. You work for Timmy Thom’s Fast Sandwiches and tonight your job is to deliver sandwiches from 4pm to 11pm. Your next stop is an interesting location. It is some sort of crime research facility where evidence from crime scenes around town is processed and stored.

What you didn’t know, was that three very strange dolls were recently brought there for processing and storage. These dolls aren’t ordinary; they have a mind of their own. Your night is about to take a turn for the worse, and it will be one of the strangest and scariest nights of your life.

Emily Wants to Play Too is a survival horror game about a sandwich delivery guy that gets locked inside an evidence processing and storage office building by living dolls. The dolls have “work” to do here and are gathering new friends. They didn’t expect you to show up, so don’t get in their way. Throughout the night you will be looking for an exit out of the office. At some point, Emily will join in on the fun, along with the dolls’ new “friends”. You better play their games or else! Learn what you have to do and be on the lookout for a way to escape.