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“Swords and Sorcery VR Bundle” Up on Steam, Bundle 3 VR Games

3 fantasy themed VR titles on Steam has been bundled together, offering VR gamers on PC an opportunity to purchase them at a cheaper price than buying individually.

Titled “Swords and Sorcery VR Bundle“, the game collection contains a copy of: The Wizards (Carbon Studio), Karnage Chronicles(Nordic Trolls), and VR Dungeon Knight (Blackjard Softworks).

Swords and Sorcery VR Bundle gathers three highly regarded fantasy games for the ultimate VR adventure. This exciting, all-in-one package delivers hours upon hours of adrenaline-pumping action. It’s perfect for the adventurous soul with a hunger for crawling through monster infested dungeons, uncovering secrets, casting powerful spells and finding treasures. This VR bundle transports you into fantasy realms like only VR can do. Don your armor, choose your weapons, and get ready to meet your fate!

VR Dungeon Knight (Steam Page)

Dungeon Knight is a Dungeon Crawler with Random level Generation. Fight Monsters, Loot Dungeons, Level Up, Unlock Classes, Earn new weapons and even play Online Co-op with a friend!

The Wizards VR (Steam Page)

Become a powerful Wizard and take fate into your own hands! Immerse yourself in a beautiful fantasy world and use motion controllers to destroy your enemies by weaving elemental magic!

Karnage Chronicles (Steam Page)

Karnage Chronicles is an action RPG for the VR platform. Unravel your past, and shape your present, as you vanquish your enemies in this high fantasy epic.