“PAYDAY 2” VR Latest Update Adds New levels, Direction Movement & New Weapons Animation

OVERKILL’s VR implementation for their action-packed, 4 player co-op shooter Payday 2 is still in the work, and today an update has been released, which improves the VR feature of the title.

We also bring an update to the VR Beta today. Jump in and have a blast with some grenade launchers and a few new levels. We are adding the new level here as well so that you can do some classical heisting with modern tech. Finally we are also including some updated animations for grenade launchers, shotguns and revolvers.

As some might have seen on our twitter we are bringing direct movement to PAYDAY 2 VR. You can now choose to play with either Dash + Direct movement or Dash only. With this update we also updated the How to play PAYDAY 2 VR (Version 2) thread on our steam forum. It will now reflect the new movement system and better represent both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift controllers.

It is great to see this title’s VR support getting improved continuously, because this is what VR industry sorely need right now.

The VR support comes free with the based game (Payday 2). The title features crossplay support between VR and non-VR users on Steam. If you have a copy of the game and has VR, do jump in and give this title a try.