Rockstar Games Offer Chance to Win “L.A. Noire” Customized PC & HTC Vive

In the final week of Rockstar Games‘ four part  L.A. Noire sweepstakes giveaway series to promote their recently launched L.A. Noire launch on various platforms, the company is offering a chance, for you to have the opportunity to net a PC and a HTC Vive! The entry period is going to last from now until Dec 28.

At the Social Club Events page, simply enter the L.A. Noire Custom PC Social Club Sweepstakes for the opportunity to claim this unique PC , and dive into Los Angeles of 1940 in the body of Detective Cole Phelps.

The specs of this ultra compact PC is no slouch either. It is a MAGNUS EN1080K which comes with an ” Intel Core i7-7700 processor, an NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1080 graphics card w/ 8GB GDDR5X, 16GB DDR4 RAM and customized liquid cooling to ensure peak performance.”

If you are bummed that you don’t have a PC and/or a HTC Vive to play L.A. Noire The VR Case Files and the numerous VR games on PC, this could be your chance to resolve the problem! L.A. Noire The VR Case Files is currently available on Steam and Viveport for HTC Vive.