“Highway Madness” Announced for HTC Vive & Oculus Rift, Launching Free This Month

GameCooks has just unveiled their latest VR production: a new VR casual early access title “Highway Madness” that consist of 2 types of active multiplayer games: “RUN” and “SHOOT”.

In “RUN”, you will be sprinting against other VR players to reach the finish line, and rather than a lengthy path, you will be crossing highway stretches instead. This means you have to look out for incoming vehicles from the sides while you run. Various power-ups will be littered in your path, and you will have to procure them to assist your race. RUN will make use of their interesting arm-swinging locomotion, an intuitive movement system which can also be found in their previous work: VINDICTA.

In “SHOOT”, you and your opponents will be going vertical rather than horizontal instead. The goal is opposite of RUN here: you have to force your opponent to reach the finish line. To do so, you will have to pick up the weapons and fire at your opponent, and with each gunshot that you land successfully on your opponent, he/she will get propelled in the sky. Your objective is to keep doing so until he/she reaches the electric lines. Again, various items can be expected to be found everywhere. Juggling enemies in action video games is one of the little nice things I love to do, and it looks like I’ll be able to replicate that in VR here.

This title is set to be released as an early access (with full release by March 2018), despite being a free game. Highway Madness was originally a test project for the multiplayer component for one of their games, but it turned out so fun that they decided to turn it into a full fledged title. In the early access period, they are planning to add more contents, such as more characters, 2 new game arenas wih new gameplay, new power-ups, themes and longer race in RUN, and more collectible weapons and bigger arena for SHOOT. Since this is released for free, hopefully people who played it will return the good favor by providing them constructive criticisms, feedback or any of that in return.

Game Cooks is going to release it for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam somewhere this month (in fact, the Steam Page is already up and you can wishlist it now). You can view the official trailer below.

There are various screenshots on the Steam page. Head over to check them out.

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