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“Holodance” VR Sold 6000 Copies

Holodance, a virtual reality rhythm title, has just sold 6000 copies so far on Steam, according to its developer narayana games UG on twitter.

About a year ago, we had 2500 units of #Holodance sold. Today we passed 6000 units. A great THANK YOU to all players! Especially those that are actively playing Holodance, giving feedback, chatting on Discord! We love you! #madewithunity #steam #vr #rhythm … may 2018 rock!

Holodance is still an early access title on Steam, since launch in April 2016. According to them, they are looking to push the title out in mid 2018, and then port it to the PSVR. This title currently support HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets on Steam.

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