HTC Vive

Ladies-Only “Sensual VR” Experience Launching on Steam on 17th January

VRROOM Ultimate VR Experiences is set to release a ‘real sensual VR experience’, titled “Sensual VR” on Steam. This title is targeted for the ladies, and according to the description, you can experience ‘the sensuality of All Shades’ in it.

VRROOM Ultimate VR Experiences is more of a VR service provider than a game company. They offer VR services including workshop for VR, as well as a VRROOM Truck for events, where people can enjoy VR titles in a rather huge trucks that they drive to the locations for the events. Sensual VR is an original content which they have build, and was originally a pay-to-play title. Previously, company offers 3 types of VR experiences, and in order to access Sensual VR, you will have to choose the 2 of the offerings.  When the title launch on Steam, anyone with a HTC Vive can access to this title for true home private use.

Sensual VR provides an escape-room setting, and your mission is to fulfill Mr. Purple’s desire by pleasing him in any way possible: by being submissive, creative, resourceful and pleasing, you will win the heart of Mr. Purple, and ‘discover new sensual experiences beyond your imagination’.

Check out the trailer for the title below.

We tested the experience on more than 200 ladies in The Netherlands, Spain, China and Lebanon and all gave a 5-stars rating for the complete story and VR experience.

Here’s the feature list for this title:

  • The most exciting VR experience for ladies
  • Beautiful sensual VR settings (penthouse, room of torture, piano play)
  • Soundtracks build on extreme experience
  • Bend, crawl, kneel and be submissive
  • Optimized for ladies (also for female groups)
  • First Sensual Lady VR in world!
  • Discover your sensuality in VR
  • Please Mr. Purple with hands or mouth
  • Sensual Escape Room, pleasure for all

Sensual VR is published by The I Love Company, and they are advising you to use this title in an intimate small setting, and given the description of the content, definitely not in a professional business environment. Sensual VR is set for release on 17th January for the HTC Vive.