HTC Vive

Action Adventure RPG “Inferno: Deathfield” Announced for HTC Vive, Q1 2018 Early Access Release

A new high fantasy, action adventure role-playing VR title “Inferno: Deathfield” has just been confirmed to be launching on HTC Vive in Q1 2018 as early access on Steam.

In this title, the player takes on the role of a warrior sets on a quest to defeat Lucifer, the King of the underworld who has returned from exile to once again bring chaos to the world, and to seal the door of death where he and his servants are emerging from. Set in the world of the Inferno, you will face off against dark creatures of various types which works for Lucifer: Airdemons, The Fallens, Necromancers, and Phlegyas and of course Lucifer himself.

The title will be residing in early access for about 4 to 6 months, with new contents (new stages, new missions, new enemies) planned, depending on feedbacks.

At its early access launch, 2 game modes will be available: story mode and infinite mode, where you will be given 2 different types of weapons (crossbows and a sword) to defend yourself from enemies.

In this title, you will also get to wield various skills:

  1. Time Slow – Slow down the time and attack the enemies.
  2. Dodge Slow – Combine dash movement and Time Slow, allowing you to move around and dodge the enemies’ fire as you kill them.

3. Forge your weapon and quickly attack and defeat your enemies with a single stroke in Infinite Dungeon (Ranking Mode).

Inferno: Deathfield is under development by Framing Inc, with YJM Games responsible for publishing.