HTC Vive

“Entropic Shop VR” Steam Page Up

A new VR title “Entropic Shop VR” has pop up on Steam , and it is due to release somewhere this month as early access.

Developed by Big Horn Studio, this VR party title provide players a bunch of short mini games set in a cartoon and colorful magic shop.

Entropic Shop VR is a bundle of mini-games designed for virtual reality. Set in a fantasy magic shop, the different mini-games offers a wide set of activities, each one requiring different skills and strategies. The mini-games take the form of simple and short but intense experiences in a colorful, cartoon and absurd environment. Feed a tax collector with donuts, search the shop for cursed objects and try to please what seems to be an endless wave of clients.

Play alone or share your headset with your friends for some old fashioned multiplayer. Be the fastest, the more accurate or just the luckiest to compete for the high score. Or you can just relax and play it casual. Because those who brag about their score are just trying to compensate for something else. And you’re not trying to, are you ?

The developer said to expect this title to stay in early access for about 3 to 6 months, depending on how well received this title is, and the feedbacks they receive.

Some features that are under planning consist of the following:

  • more mini-games
  • online multiplayer
  • achievements and unlockable content
  • more environments
  • better support for local multiplayer ranking and scoring (when sharing a headset)
  • hats and stuff to customize your VR avatar
  • More mini games

“Potions, scrolls, magic wands, ancient artifacts, I’ve got everything you need !” This is how the owner of the Entropic shop greeted his customers. It was one of the last magic shop ever, a truly marvelous place. It’s said that no customer ever left his shop without finding what they came for. As he grew old and tired, he eventually had to hire an assistant to run the shop. Unfortunately, the young man was a bit clumsy and disorganized and sold the wrong potion to a local sorcerer. The sorcerer, furious that his ritual has been ruined, cursed the shop and the assistant.

The title will support only HTC Vive natively (at least, when it launch).