Steam New Release: Mech League Boxing

A virtual reality title “Mech League Boxing” has been released on Steam today (via exiting early access), featuring first person boxing combat gameplay.

This action title is developed by VRGEN. In this game, you will step into the ring as a boxer in a robot suit, as you seek to punch your way up to glory by defeating your robotic opponents.

Judging by the screenshots, there will be a healthy variety of opponents that you can fight against. Mech League Boxing take place in the year of 2025, where the universe and most of society, is mostly oppressed by a communistic government, and censorship is rampant. As a result, a new brutal form of entertainment emerged: robot fighting with VR headsets and hardwares. You will be travelling through the universe to participate in matches against other mech league fighters like you.

Mech League Boxing also features different types of weapons, providing you several ways to take down your opponent as well. You can also customize your look, whether it is by wearing a different pair of globes or robot helmet.

At the moment, this is a single player title, but multiplayer mode will be releasing in the future, pitting you against fellow VR users.

If you need some workout, put on your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, head over Steam and get this title.

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