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Brass Tactics’ Pre-Orders Open Now, Plus Announcing Free-to-Play Early Access with ‘Brass Tactics Arena’

The highly anticipated real time strategy VR title “Brass Tactics” from Hidden Path Entertainment, will soon be available for play for the Oculus Rift users! In fact, pre-orders for this title are now open on the Oculus Store.

The title is set to carry the price tag of US$15, and will be launching on February 22nd. In addition, they are also announcing that they will be releasing Brass Tactics Arena, a free-to-play introduction to the world of Brass Tactics! Brass Tactics Arena will be up for play on February 15th.

You can register for Brass Tactics Arena by heading here for unlimited online action – competitive, co-op and against AI – across one hand-crafted map.

The full version of Brass Tactics will contain a 6 hour narrative campaign, 20 maps, 3 AI personalities with four difficulty settings, as well as dozens of units and upgrades for army customization.

Pre order the title now and you will get to save US$15 off the standard price of US$39.99.