“Puzzle of Santa Girl VR” Coming Soon to Steam

Korean developer Dong-in Won has recently announced that a VR title “Puzzle of Santa Girl VR” is under development, and is due to release soon on Steam.

Just like the previous title House Dating VR: Cute Korean Girl, Sehyun, you will be placed in a real life room and engage in simple virtual activity with the girl (in this case, a santa girl).

This title will consist of 3 mini puzzles:

  • Catch the Santa Girl
  • Count the Santa Girls
  • Spot the Differences

You gets a gift as a reward for successfully clearing the stage, and there are 2 different gifts for you to collect.

Dong-in Won (Studio Thug Life) will be releasing this title for HTC Vive on 25 Jan 2018. To view more screenshots, check out the Steam Page.

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