Samsung Gear VR

Bloompix Studios Launches New Update for “The Devil Awaits VR”

Today indie studio Bloompix Studios announces that they have launch a new updat for their terror shocker “The Devil Awaits VR“, an immersive VR game exclusively available on Samsung Gear VR for $4.99 on the Oculus Store.

In this thriller title, you play as Rick H. Johanson, a bank robber who tries to escape from the police. The main action of the game take place in an abandoned cabin, where he will soon find himself fighting against evil creatures and solving many puzzles to get back home.

“Since the birth of VR, we’ve been wanting to feel real fear and despair in a virtual reality experience, and now we have made it happen,” says Sergio Gardella, CEO at Bloompix Studios. “Samsung Gear VR is the optimal home for The Devil Awaits VR, and I am certain that after playing it, a sense of disheartenment won’t vanish from your nightmares”.

The title was first released back in December, and today it is getting its first update. The controls has slightly changed, and the performance has been optmized. Visual upgrade, as well as extra dialogues are some of the other improvements.


  • Slowly paced movie-classic horror action
  • Complex puzzle and enigma solving
  • Mature intriguing script
  • Exclusively available on Samsung Gear VR
  • Supported controllers: Gear VR Controller and Touchpad