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cyubeVR Announced, HTC Vive/Oculus Rift Release 27th Jan

A brand new VR title has just been announced by Stonebrick Studios UG! Titled cyubeVR, this is a VR voxel game designed for roomscale gameplay, and is set for early access release on 27th Jan for HTC Vive & Oculus Rift.

In this title, everything is entirely procedurally generated. This is an adventure exploration/open world title, where you will be able to navigate complex cavern network going deep into the ground, or you can also climb up huge hills to get a great view over the world. You can even build yourself a way up to massive floating islands too.

cyubeVR also allows you to gather resources and build anything you have in mind. For example, a fortress on top of a mountain, a bridge connecting two floating islands, or you can dig yourself deep into the ground too. In the trailer, you can see that the player can also chop down trees for woods via motion, stack those blocks together to create structure and more.

According to the developer, there will also be a fully dynamic day/night cycle as well.

This title has as of now, under 2 years worth of development. This is purely a single player game at the moment, and will most likely have multiplayer features included in the future. As this is a sandbox game, they are also anticipating survival aspect request from the community too.

The Steam page of this title is currently up now, though you still can’t purchase it yet. You can view some screenshots over at the steam page as well as additional information of this title too.