HTC Vive

Hunt for Lizards in “AWAY: The Survival Series” New Demo

There is actually an upcoming VR title that puts you into the body of an animal, allowing you to experience what it is like to be one of those wildlife that has to survival in the harsh yet beautiful world outside.

AWAY: The Survival Series” is an adventure/survival VR game set in a world of danger, peril and opportunity. In this title by Breaking Walls, a small VR gaming studio based in Montreal, you will be entering a beautiful immersive world, where your sole objective is to survive long enough.

A variety of animals can be chosen to be your avatar. Depending on the animal you choose, you  will be running, flying, jumping, gliding, climbing, swimming and even crawling, as you interact with friends or foes of all shapes and sizes out in the wild.

Two demos has been made available, and the second “Hunting Lizards” is up for download now on the link , and they are seeking your feedback (you can fill in the feedback form on the link) regarding the demo.

AWAY: The Survival Series will be arriving on HTC Vive, and according to its Steam Page, it will arrive on Spring 2018.

Check out one of the early video here, based on the first demo.