New Video for “The End of the Beginning” VR

A new video has emerged for SnakeTakes Studios upcoming virtual reality title “The End of the Beginning“, a science fiction game that is schedule for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox with VR support.

Unfortunately this video also suggest that the game won’t be coming out so soon either, as they stated that this is recorded off the pre-Alpha build (they will have to go into Beta build after this, followed by the final build).

Pre-Alpha (WIP) footage of the upcoming title from Snaketakes Studios called “End of the Beginning” which is the first video game in history to give players access to real life alien case files thanks to Freedom Of Information Act Requests done by some of the worlds top ufologists. Fight the aliens in an all out invasion of earth, where as you go deeper and deeper you’ll be shown the truth.

To learn more about this title, check out the link here.