Skydance Interactive on VR, “Walking Dead VR”, “Archangel VR”, Unannounced Title

Skydance Interactive has an interview with VentureBeat recently, and in the article, the company shared their opinions on various topics. You can view the full article here.

Skydance is mainly a Hollywood studio, and VR gaming is their effort to branch out, and to do this, they acquired The Workshop, a development company which they intend to transform to be major VR game development studio in the future.

According to them, they are working on Walking Dead VR, an unannounced title that will be coming out in 2019, as well as more content for Archangel, a mech combat title for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Playstation VR. They are planning to add in a multiplayer mech vs mech combat gameplay to the title in the middle of this year.

If you’ve played the single-player game, it’s an on-rails shooter with a narrative and all that good stuff. But with the player-versus-player combat, we’re going off the rails and really embodying that fantasy. You’re piloting this giant mech. We have locomotion and torso twisting and the fun combat that goes along with that. We’re adding new classes of mechs into the mix.

Regarding on his vision for Walking Dead VR:

The Walking Dead VR game needs to deliver something that, first of all, you can’t find on any other platform. Second, it really needs to put you in that world. It’s one thing to watch a show or interact on a 2D screen. Click a button to put zombie guts on yourself and blend in, but it’s a whole different thing if you have to actually do that in VR yourself, pull those guts out of a corpse. Not to be too dark. But that kind of experience you can only get in VR, where you’re not watching it or directing it. You’re living it. That’s really our goal.

It’s not just lip service. We have an internal greenlight process. We had our Walking Dead game go through its initial proof-of-concept phase. We looked at it, and there was some good stuff there, but we’re true to ourselves. We said, “This is cool, but we can see this on other platforms. Somebody could do this on other platforms, whether it’s mobile or console or PC.” We set the team back to the proof-of-concept phase.

If you wish to check out their debut VR title “Archangel VR”, you can purchase it off Steam, Oculus Store or PS Store now.