Wargaming Enters VR Market with “World of Tanks VR”

Wargaming will be cooperating with VRTech in Moscow to establish Neurogaming, a VR gaming provider company. The first VR game title “World of Tanks VR” has been announced to be the first title from Neurogaming, and will be deployed for VR arcade.

Neurogaming will be headquartered in Cyprus, Nicosia, while the development studio is based in Moscow. They are planning to create new offices in Europe in 2018.

Currently, Neurogaming is developing CinemaVR, VR tech solution for entertainment. The feature of CinemaVR is in multiplayer and cooperative play, and the trial version was tested in 36 malls in Russia last year.

Wargaming also focuses on VR game “PolygonVR“, which was exhibited over at the Tokyo Game SHow 2017, as well as GamesCom 2017, and has gained some popularity. PolygonVR support long-time multiplayer play, and is also being watched from e-sports.

A new experience combining both CinemaVR and Polygon VR can be enjoyed in Russia’s largest VR park “VR Park City”.