Daydream New Release: Nyoro The Snake & Seven Islands

Japanese development studio Colopl has just send out a press release, announcing the release of their new VR title “Nyoro The Snake and Seven Islands” (hereafter known as “Nyoro”), a mobile VR set for the Google Daydream platform.

Nyoro is a VR puzzle action adventure title release today with a price tag of 540 yen (include tax). It is a ‘high quality mobile VR title’ set on a fictional island, with treasures hidden around on it. Player will utilize the controller to manipulate the snake (known as Kurt) and progress the stage, unraveling various mysteries while rescuing its kidnapped friends.

The player will be able to collect treasure fragments and complete the treasure map, and the treasure is said to tell a hidden great story too.

To purchase this title, Google Daydream user will have to check out the Google Play Store. Check out the trailer for the title below.

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