Charm Games Is Teasing Something Related to VR That Is “Coming Soon”

Charm Games, the developer of the critically acclaimed VR puzzle title “FORM” (which is available now on Steam for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows MR), has just tweeted a mysterious gif, with the hash tag “ComingSoon” and “VR”, as well as “indiedevhour”.

The gif (accompanied by the text “Something is growing here at Charm Games…”) depicts something that seems to be purple pedals, separating to reveal a rocky wall with a doorway. This looks vastly different from the surreal, sci-fi look of FORM, so it is hard to imagine that this is related to that game. You can check out the gif below.

I am crossing my fingers and hope that this is a new game announcement, but as of now, its best to keep our hype in check. I’ll report back if I hear anything new out from them.

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