Taipei Game Show 2018 Report: “Going Down AR” by Werold Game Studio

Hi there, I took a trip recently to Taiwan (a rather nice country in Asia) to attend Taipei Game Show 2018, and had the opportunity to speak with many VR and AR game developers. I will be sharing various articles and information in the coming weeks about the developers and the VR works which they are working on (I need some time to compile the information!)

One of the studios which I get to speak to, is Werold Games, a Taiwan-based development studio who believes “that game can be formed by everything”. Currently, the indie team is using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create a game titled “Going Down“. This is a casual AR game application on the smartphone, which uses AR technology to achieve the design core of “somatosensory” and “falling”.

In Going Down, player plays an adventurer, armed with a hand drill (an important tool for game progression). The objective is to reach the bottom of the pit hole safely. The play area in the game and the real world consist of a 3×3 grid, and on each of the grid consist of one of the followings: a safety platform which you can stand on safely, a platform which you can stand on briefly before it collapse, nothingness (which you fall through), as well as spikes which obviously you have to avoid). To play this title, the player has to move from grid to grid, avoiding the spikes, while landing on the safety platform. In addition, player can also use the drill to destroy the safety platform. Besides avoiding the spikes, player will have to be careful not to fall too deep. If that sounds too complicated, check out the trailer below, it might easier for you to understand.

There are also collectibles along the way which the players can collect as well for scoring purpose. Currently, there is no release date planned yet, but it seems the developer is looking to push it out somewhere this year on mobile. I’ll be checking in with the developer and update when I have new news.

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