Hammerhead VR Announces “STEIN”, a VR Crime Thriller Title

Hammerhead Studio, an immersive media company who have already amass several years of VR experiences (both games and non-games) under their belt, has just took to twitter to reveal their next VR game project.

Having already released Abe and Syren on Steam, Hammerhead’s next VR game is STEIN, a new crime thriller ‘solving cold cases throughout British history’. “This game will use some cool #volumetric hocus pocus from @hello_dimension. Demo #comingsoon“, says the tweet.

An image has also been attached to the tweet, and you can view it below.

No much details has been revealed yet, so hopefully we will learn more about this new title very soon, including the launch date, video and any other details.

If you wish to learn more about the studio’s past VR titles to try to imagine what they might be cooking, check out the company’s site here.