Taipei Game Show 2018 Report: “ARK PARK” by Snail Games

Hi there, I took a trip recently to Taiwan (a rather nice country in Asia) to attend Taipei Game Show 2018, and had the opportunity to speak with many VR and AR game developers. I will be sharing various articles and information in the coming weeks about the developers and the VR works which they are working on (I need some time to compile the information!)

I was given the opportunity to try ARK PARK, an upcoming VR video game based in the lore of Studio Wildcard‘s ARK: Survival Evolved. ARK PARK is a game that is under development by Snail Games, and was announced recently that it will be releasing on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Playstation VR on March 22nd.

ARK PARK is described as a title where gamers can engage with the dinosaurs (from ARK: Survival Evolved) through a series of theme park attractions. It is an open end VR title where users can freely explore, as there is no set plot line or schedule. There are 10 unique scenes in this title, and user can enjoy this title alone, or with a group friends (in VR) as well. Through out the game, user can collect dinosaur’s DNA and materials, and then trade them for Engrams at the base camp. This “Engrams” are needed to craft useful items.

ARK PARK also composes of the ‘rearing’ mini game: in this title, player can procure a dinosaur egg by chance. If you take good care of it, you can hatch a dinosaur out of it, and when it grow large enough, you can even ride it.

It is not all scenery watching and item collections too. Player can engage in the action component, where they are tasked to defend vital technology in the important research outposts from the rampaging dinos by gunning them down with the weapons. This segment of the game was taken out and made into a demo for showcase and promotion purpose at the Butterfly Digital Entertainment (Publisher of the game in Asia) booth at Taipei Game Show 2018 (which I have the chance to try).

I was greeted by these 2 pretty show girls, as well as this dinosaur at the entrance of ARK PARK booth

This title was really popular, as there was a long queue of people waiting to try out the title. Thanks to Snail Games, I was allowed private access to the demo.

The booth was rather large, and was partitioned into various play areas, each with their own equipments for the users and room space large enough for player to move around.

The workers of Snail Games helping a user to get ready for his demo experience

With the controllers, I was given the instruction to check into the gameplay component of the title. The demo that I played was set in the outdoor environment, populated with trees, short cliffs and of course, ferocious looking dinosaurs. A sci-fi looking structure device was situated behind me, and my role in this title was to protect it.

The demo commences as waves of dinosaurs came charging at me and the device behind me, and I started using my gun to take them down. In the demo, there were 3 split paths where the dinosaurs can emerge from, and I was constantly keeping my guard up by looking at all 3 of them, firing at them whenever I see one, while reloading when my ammo runs out (to reload, I have to shake my controller downward).

The room which I experienced this title is covered with green clothes for mixed reality filming. From this picture, you can tell the size where the demo took place.

After I finished taking out the dinosaurs, the main boss of the demo emerged in the form of a white gigantic gorilla-like creature. As soon as it appear, it ignored my assault, and went straight for the device behind it, towering over me and smash it as I try my best to pelt it with as much ammunition as possible, and unfortunately here’s where I fall and the demo ends.

Check out the recording of my gameplay below, where you can see me taking out the dinosaurs in mixed reality recording.

Almost all of the actions take place in 180 degrees coverage in front of me, which is not surprising considering this is designed for the PSVR as well, and in addition, there’s no movement, so it is basically a turret wave shooter. There are other stages too, but unfortunately I have no idea if those stages are any different. Nevertheless, the quick short and sweet, arcade style shooting element here is rather perfect for anyone who wants some quick dinosaur killing action and if you have any friend or relative who is a dinosaur fans, you can consider getting them try their hands on this when the game is launched.

We will have to wait for March 22nd to find out the answer. In the meantime, check out the teaser trailer of this title below.

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