A Squeak Peek at Polyarc’s Adorable PSVR Adventure “Moss”

The PS blog has a new entry that surrounds the upcoming PSVR title “Moss VR”, as well as new wallpapers and an iOS sticker pack!

This title cast you as Quill, a miniature heroine in a lush fantasy world. You can head over to pre-order this title now at Playstation Store ahead of its upcoming launch.

Moss serves as the debut title of Polyarc. At certain point in the game, according to the blog, Quill will communicate directly with the player using American Sign Language.

 “We didn’t want to make the player move around a lot, so we wanted to build a game where everything is happening in a reachable space,” said studio director Tam Armstrong.

“For the concept we had, that meant that the character needed to fit within arm’s length. A small character resulted from that, then it was a question of ‘how do we theme that?’ That’s where Quill came from.”

“That physical interaction created this character who also gives you a strong emotional reaction,” adds art director Chris Alderson.

Quill is on the way to add a little cheer to your chats! iOS users can head to the App Store starting right now to download a new iMessage sticker pack.

We had theories about VR game design from a mechanical perspective,” Tam explains, “but once we started making the game and this small character we surprised ourselves with how strongly we felt about her.

“Having that reinforced by the response from our audience just affirmed it, and development shifted to focus on her and the things she does. We have things in the game now that we weren’t planning to do, but that we felt needed to happen after watching people interact with her at E3.”

Head to Polyarc’s online store to download a set of beautiful new wallpapers for your desktop or mobile device.

Moss has been praised for the animation of Quill. This is thanks to the work of Polyarc’s lead animator Rico Lico.

“I wanted to have her communicate with the player in more authentic ways, like how your friend might communicate with you,” Lico explains. “That led to things like using sign language, and having her represent how the player might be feeling — if the player is upset at something, she might kick that thing the player is upset about. You project who you are onto the character, but she also defines herself separately, and it helps build that realism.”

“When I come into work I’m not thinking about what people’s reactions are going to be, so when I see them I’m just blown away,” Lico says. “Especially with the sign language community, when we put out that tweet and it got such an emotional reaction, it really touched me and motivated me to want to come in and do better.

“I’m just super thankful that I’m able to do this for a living,” he adds, “and that people appreciate what we do.”

This title is set to be releasing 27th Feb 2018 on the PSVR.

“I never felt like I was taking a big risk, honestly,” Hodde admits, to the surprise of everyone else in the room. “The risk is going to a place that doesn’t have heart. We’ve already succeeded, in a way, because we’re making something that is heartfelt.” – Stephen Hodde, audio lead on Moss

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